Ever since Mama Natural’s video featuring charcoal for teeth whitening (below) went viral, the use of this sparkly and coarse black substance has been a topic for discussion.

Now don’t get me wrong, this video is of great quality however the one thing it is missing is the before and after photos.

For this reason, we as viewers cannot be certain that Mama Natural has in fact achieved her beautiful white smile using the activated charcoal product she promotes in her video. Alas we are still left with the question:

Do charcoal teeth whitening products actually work?

To answer this question completely we will look at both sides of the argument.

Over 12,576 Reviews Can’t be Wrong

An Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Product Produced These Results

On one side you will find many online sources, including actual customer reviews swearing by it as a teeth whitening method. But as with any new trend there are also those on the other side of the fence too. This also includes some concerns in the scientific community regarding its use.

So are all the claims true or just hype?

And what about the safety regarding the use of Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening products?

Let’s take a deeper look.

Ultimate Goal – A Healthy White Smile

Nothing beats the charm of a perfect, sparkly white smile. The practice of teeth whitening allows you to achieve this result with ease. However, professional teeth whitening procedures can be quite costly and require ongoing upkeep.

At the other end of the option spectrum, common home remedies seldom deliver perfect results. Also there are many risks involved with creating homemade teeth bleaching solutions which can cause damage to your teeth and gums. So while you are trying to save money you could end up causing serious damage to your oral health.

This is why, natural charcoal teeth whitening products seem like an effective and safer solution to this problem.

What is Activated Charcoal?

Stated simply, activated charcoal is a form of activated carbon customised to have low-volume, tiny pores on its surface that help in expanding its absorption area.

This allows the activated charcoal to absorb a large amount of impurities with ease and act as an effective remedy for detoxification.

You may not be aware, but it is commonly used for a varied number of purposes such as purifying indoor air. It is also used in hospitals to neutralize poisons in the gut when toxins have been ingested.

Activated charcoal acts as a sponge that absorbs toxic substances from its surroundings which can be eliminated later. And thanks to its natural detoxifying capacity, it is used in many beauty and edible cleansing products including some juices and moisturizers.

Is Black the New White?

Activated charcoal is used in many common cleansing regimes, is harmless for the gut and hence can be ingested as is.

When it comes to teeth whitening, activated charcoal works by absorbing nasty stains from your teeth, leaving them clean, white and shiny.

As you know, your teeth can easily get stained by foods and drinks such as blueberries and coffee. Activated charcoal can get rid of such suborn stains and many others.

However, some experts are still concerned about using this as a whitening agent for your teeth. A study conducted by the researchers at LECOM School of Dental Medicine found that excessive use of charcoal for cleaning your teeth may result in abrasion to the enamel which can be damaging.

This reveals that, much like all other forms of teeth whitening, activated charcoal can also be overused. And of course any overuse can prove dangerous and must be avoided.

How to Use Activated Charcoal to Whiten Teeth?

So, what is the verdict?

Are charcoal teeth whitening products an effective solution for whitening your teeth?

Our research tells us – Yes, if it is used correctly.

Using authentic and well balanced mixtures of activated charcoal can benefit your teeth and deliver great results.

Products like Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder Natural use the purest quality ingredients and have strict manufacturing procedures. This allows them to produce a safe product that is very effective in removing stains from teeth.

Of course as with all teeth whitening products care must be taken not to over use the product which can cause damage to your teeth enamel.

Normal use of activated charcoal involves slightly wetting a toothbrush and dabbing it with activated charcoal. Them for 1-2 mins you are to brush your teeth as you normally would. It is important not to brush too hard but instead use a normal pressure. After brushing you simply rinse and enjoy the results.

Of course we always recommend to read the manufacturer’s instructions of the product you choose before use to ensure you are using your chosen product safely.

Genuine charcoal teeth whitening products containing a high quality activated charcoal achieve the perfect balance between ineffective home remedies and expensive professional teeth whitening. All in all delivering a great teeth whitening experience at home quickly and and at a low cost.

Active Wow Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening

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